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URBAN RENEWAL: the Silestone® Loft Series by Cosentino

The city never sleeps; nor do the creators at Cosentino. The brand's new Loft Series - inspired by five iconic urban settings around the world - sparks a new industrial age for your interiors.

words by Spoorthi Satheesh

photos courtesy of Cosentino

from the Silestone Loft Series, Seaport

Cosentino Group - the Spanish, family-owned global corporation known for its production and distribution of high-quality, technologically advanced surface materials - has ventured into the concrete jungle and channeled the raw beauty and grit of select neighborhoods, translating the incomparable nature of each one into products that architects and designers can't wait to get their hands on. When you see it, you can almost hear the steam hissing and the machinery whirring.

“It is the connection between the past and the present that led us to the creation of the Silestone Loft Series,” says Valentin Tijeras Garcia, product and r&d corporate director for Cosentino Group. “To capture the essence and energy of this mid-20th century industrial style, we studied the architectural bones and textures of abandoned factories. It’s that same deliberately unfinished look of concrete, cement, beams, and pipes that have been embraced in homes today and evolved into a leading design trend.”

Silestone Camden


In a soft, delicate and consistent gray, this English beauty takes inspiration from one of London's eminent havens best known for its diversity, eclectic culture, and lively art scene. Characterized by a fine grain and subtle white veining, Camden effectively echoes cement in its natural state.

Silestone Camden, detail


It’s all about soothing textures creating a comforting atmosphere in a warm shade of gray, with slight hints of veining on a sandy backdrop. Poblenou evokes Barcelona’s industrial epicenter - one of the city’s most modern and creative neighborhoods.

Silestone Poblenou


Seaport transports you to the weathered docks in the seaside district of lower Manhattan. The look of dark, worn cement with gentle streaks of white creates contrast with the background while seamlessly blending into the space.

Silestone Seaport


Nolita is another distinctly New York-inspired creation - blended with shades of whites and light gray so fine that any contrast is barely discernable. Nolita carries the same avant-garde spirit and strong architectural identity of the celebrated neighborhood for which it's named.

Silestone Nolita

Silestone Nolita, detail


Capturing both the light and shade of a Detroit neighborhood that has accrued prosperity, undergone decline, only to be resurrected again, Corktown displays the best of both worlds. In a solid, deep black with a dark matte finish that blends beautifully with intense brown touches, this one from the Loft Series calls to mind an environment where the sounds of steam, pistons, and engines hum a familiar tune.

Silestone Corktown, detail

Apropos of the downtown neighborhoods it comprises, The Loft Series demonstrates the brilliance of innovation with the debut of its HybriQ+ technology. This new production process combines reused raw materials with 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy. HybriQ+ technology also allows for the significant reduction of crystalline silica in the Silestone® Loft Series surfaces; a hybrid formula made up of mineral and reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, is substituted. “This truly changes the entire paradigm of the quartz category," says Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and SVP of Global Sales for Cosentino Group.

As a result, the sustainability and eco-awareness factors of the material have been elevated... but the durability and sleek modern aesthetic that has made the material so sought-after by industry professionals and homeowners alike, remains intact.

Silestone Corktown

For more information about Cosentino's Silestone® Loft Series or to find out where to purchase, visit:

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