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SUN SALUTATION: Serenity solar-powered yachts

Say hello to a greener way to sail the ocean blue.

Words by: Carelyn Tiburcio

images courtesy of Serenity Yachts

Summertime calls for carefree vibes, flowy white dresses, and long, lazy hours on the beach. Since I'm fortunate to live by the seashore, you'll often find me kicking off my stylish vegan sandals and chilling on my 100% organic cotton towel with a copy of that spicy romance novel I’ve been dying to read. Even though many beaches are closed at the moment, I’m still trying to enjoy all things summer as best I can, and as mindfulness is my jam, I consistently strive to make eco-friendly decisions during my sun-drenched days. For example, I realize that certain sunscreens can cause harm to coral reefs and that anything I may leave behind could potentially wind up in the ocean. It is often said: "Take only pictures, leave only footprints." And that I do.

Thankfully, I'm not alone in this ritual. I believe that with each passing day, more people are cognizant that our summer activities, enjoyable as they are, might harm the environment unless we're careful.

Which brings me to a certain individual who clearly shares this mindset: Boyd Taylor, executive director of Serenity Yachts.

Boyd Taylor - a man on a mission to eliminate a dependency on fossil fuels.

Featuring SunPower® solar panels, Serenity's vessels derive their energy from the one, the only... you guessed it: The Sun.

“Serenity Yachts is committed to building vessels that are not only green, but also performance-driven,” says Taylor. “Our solar-powered yachts allow you to experience the beauty that our reefs and oceans have to offer without polluting and damaging them in the process.”

And it gets better. Serenity Yachts' quiet electric motors mean you won’t be hearing any irritating engine noise nor smelling strong diesel fumes; all you’ll be accompanied by are tranquil waters and gentle ocean breezes.

Constructed by artisan shipbuilders, every part of the yacht - from the carbon fiber hulls to hydraulic flybridge - is designed to maximize efficiency and performance.

These pure electric and hybrid yachts, presently available in two models - the Serenity 64 and Serenity 74 - are equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment available in navigation, entertainment, and smart home technologies, all of which can be easily upgraded as technology advances.

view from flybridge

state-of-the-art equipment for the modern sailor

Now you might be thinking "OK, I like it, but yachting is a luxury game. So what do you have to say about that?

What I have to say is: "Check out these cabins."

Serenity 74 's oak-appointed interior

Ken Downing, former fashion director of Neiman Marcus, is the creative force behind Serenity 74’s chic ebony interior.

Serenity yachts can be fully-customized and alternate layouts are available. Both lines include a combined galley and salon on the main deck and four VIP cabins, each with its own en-suite bathroom. Serenity 74 also features two additional cabins and baths in the forepeaks that can be configured for family or crew.

Yes, luxury has always played a large role in yacht design; however, green technology has historically lagged behind. Without sacrificing a stunning aesthetic or luxe onboard amenities, Serenity brings yachting "up to speed" as far as sustainability is concerned. And I'm not talking knots... though it is worth mentioning that Serenity 64 travels indefinitely at 4-6 knots, and Serenity 74 cruises endlessly at 7-9.

Something to consider as you sail off into the sunset.

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