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GET YOUR WHITE RIGHT: Designer Alix Lawson simplifies picking the perfect white paint.

If finding that just-right white has got you pale-faced, too many choices might be the problem. Luckily, British interior designer Alix Lawson is narrowing it down to the only five white paint colors you may ever need.

Words by Spoorthi Satheesh

photos courtesy of Alix Lawson

White is the color associated with simplicity... and yet, picking the perfect white paint couldn't be more complicated. There are literally hundreds of shades of white paint to choose from. Oh the irony!

Chances are, the quest for that "just-right white" will have you poring over countless cardstock strips to the point of colorblindness. There's pure white, cool white, warm white, linen white, decorator's white, dove white, cloud white, white with violet undertones, white with orange undertones... are you waving the white flag yet?

Good news: help is on the way!

As it's often said, necessity is the mother of invention. In her career, London-based, award-winning interior designer Alix Lawson has experienced firsthand the frustration of specifying the perfect white paint for her design projects. After launching her eponymous interiors lifestyle brand in 2018, Lawson made it her mission to streamline how to pick the perfect white paint. The upshot?

Paint by Alix Lawson - the five shade white paint collection she created to encompass the only white paints you'll ever need.

Alix Lawson

"After 20 years' experience in interior design, I’ve seen every shade of white imaginable and I understand how overwhelming it can be to find that perfect shade of white paint. Working with expert British paint manufacturers, I’ve distilled years of decisions into just five pots for you to pick from," says Alix.

room design by Alix Lawson

the refreshingly pared-down colour cards of Paint by Alix Lawson

Here's the breakdown:

A shade with depth, Chepstow is inspired by a warm and inviting sandy beach. It is the most pigmented and darkest white among the shades.


Elgin is a brilliant white. Crisp and clean, it embodies the look and feel of fresh white linens.


Ledbury is a soft white with cool undertones and a tinge of grey. It's meant to soothe like a cashmere blanket.


Smooth and subtle, Pembridge has creamy undertones and a classic feel.


A chalky, versatile shade, Westbourne takes a Switzerland-like neutral position between cool and warm.


OK, if you're thinking "all five look the same to me"... try looking at them on the wall:

Can you see the subtle differences among them? Now imagine if you had a hundred more whites to choose from. Would you lose your mind or what? (I know I would!)

Paint by Alix Lawson is available in both "matt emulsion" and "eggshell" finishes. Matt emulsion (matte with a soft glow) is ideal for interior walls and ceilings, and eggshell (satin and semi-reflective) is recommended for moldings and trims.

Alix offers the following helpful tips:

1) Buy a sample pot and make sure two coats are applied for optimum decision-making.

2) Be sure to use a primer or base coat for best results. (This neutralizes the existing color of your walls so you get a truer feel for the new shade.)

3) Consider the texture of the wall you’re testing on, as this may also impact the finish.

4) Lighting is everything when it comes to white paint. Paint multiple surfaces in a room so that you can see how the color is affected by different lighting scenarios.

5) Check in on how your paint is doing at different times of the day; the color might look different from morning to evening and with your lights turned on vs. off.

sample pots are available

Each color in the collection is sold separately. A 2.5 litre tin costs £45, and individual sample pots are £4.95 each.

All five shades of Alix Lawson paint are water-based, eco-friendly, and safe to use in any environment. So besides the sweet relief of picking the perfect white paint without going off the wall, Paint by Alix Lawson also brings peace of mind.

For further information or to purchase, visit:

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