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GATHER 'ROUND: a holiday table talk with Kim Seybert

I'm feeling especially blessed this Christmas. One of the world's top tableware designers, Kim Seybert, came to the table with me to share her tips for creating a splendid holiday tablescape. If you want to entertain like a pro... read on!

Kim Seybert's Cosmos Placemats, Metallic Gold Napkins, and Gold Crackle Glassware are a few of the items that set this formal table ablaze.

Nobody does a holiday setting like noted tableware designer Kim Seybert. Her coveted collection - complete with gleaming glassware, hand-beaded and embroidered linens, jewel-like napkin rings and a bevy of other special touches - has truly revolutionized the art of the table. Chatting with Kim on the eve of designing the all-important 2020 holiday table is a Christmas wish come true.

TDR: Which piece is your #1 favorite and why?

KS: This season, I love the Xmas Drummer Napkin Ring. The design adds a sense of whimsy to the table and is a great piece for your guests to enjoy when they first sit down. It pairs perfectly with the Holiday Bough Napkin, which features red and green embroidery for a truly festive holiday feeling.

TDR: In your expert opinion, is the Christmas tablescape the most important of the year?

KS: I wouldn’t say that a Christmas table is the most important of the year, but it is a great opportunity to exercise your creative muscle and really embrace the season. One of the easiest ways to do this is by incorporating the traditional colors of red and green into your design. The colors can be interpreted in so many ways... no matter if your table is rustic, traditional, or modern.

Kim Seybert Boho Placemats and Helix Glassware set the scene for casual elegance.


TDR: Being that in 2020, people might be inclined to plan a smaller celebration than usual, can you please offer my audience one “uniquely Kim Seybert” idea for making an intimate table setting extra special?

KS: A wonderful way to make the evening feel special and intimate is to serve your guests' favorite food. Not only is it a great surprise but it also shows that you took the time to think about them when planning the occasion.

TDR: Where will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

KS: This year, my quarantine pod will be coming over for a holiday dinner at my home in East Hampton, and I’m hoping to bring a sense of normalcy to the evening with a thoughtfully set table. I think this year it's especially important to break out the fine china and make an occasion out of the evening... as long as you are following recommended health guidelines.

TDR: And what will your own holiday table look like?

KS: My table will start with a Moroccan tablecloth I found last year when traveling, which features authentic cross-stich in red and green. The embroidery captures the colors of the season but brings a modern aesthetic and ease to the table. My napkins this year feature a red and green needlepoint Christmas design and reflect the rustic feeling of my home décor. I’ll then use beaded red placemats to add a sense of glam to the design.

TDR: Which items by Kim Seybert - or your other beloved brands - will adorn your table this Christmas?

KS: The holidays are the perfect time to use fine china and this year I’ll be using Jaune de Chrome with silver and gold accents that complement my holiday bough napkin ring.

TDR: What other elements will you be adding to make your 2020 table unforgettable?

KS: I’ll finish my holiday table with a centerpiece made up of red ombre floral arrangements I picked up at my local florist, antique wise men figurines, and Baccarat red fire candlesticks with shades for a bit of drama. Last but not least, I’ll include a small party favor at everyone’s place setting for them to take home and remember the evening.

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Dec 22, 2020

The Design Raven has done it again. A wonderful write up about the classy Kim Seybert and her tableware designs. IT could only be better if she had embroidered a Raven into one of the tablemats or napkins!

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