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Birds of a Feather

Robin Hodes


Hi guys! It’s me, Robin, a.k.a. “The Design Raven.”

I’m a 100% East Coast chick. The road map of my life started in Brooklyn where I was born. I grew up in N.J., did my undergrad at Boston University, then lived in Manhattan for about a decade before migrating South.

My first job title was Associate Fashion Editor for a national bridal magazine based in NYC. Glamorous, yes… but it also entailed lots of schlepping (racks of wedding gowns, trunks full of shoes, cartons of veils and headpieces… you name it.) I’ve ridden in taxis with a million dollars’ worth of engagement rings in my purse, and have seen many a male model in his skivvies while dressing him in a tux to play “groom" on set. It was a tough gig to give up, but interior design somehow kept tugging at my heartstrings.

Powerless against the allure of palm trees and sunshine, I joined my family in Florida and went back to school to study residential design at The Art Institute Fort Lauderdale. After years of working in the industry, I discovered that writing about design - rather than practicing it - was my true calling. So that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

Greatest Accomplishment

Raising a daughter and son on my own. It still feels weird when they call me "Mom" being that I still feel like a teenager myself!

Some of My Hobbies

salsa dancing and snow skiing

Nerdy but True

I’m a ridiculous Game of Thrones fan – best show ever. Also, I’m a total Broadway musical/theater geek, so don't be surprised if I spontaneously break into show tune. Just like your granny, I'm a knitter... but in case you haven't heard, knitting is back in vogue and all the cool people are doing it.


Flying Raven by Suren Nersisyan

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