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Birds of a Feather

Melissa Molina

Managing Editor

Hi! Pleased to meet you. I'm Melissa.

Originally from Medellin, Colombia, I have lived in Florida since age 10. I hold an Associates of Science in paramedic esthetics and have worked as a medical assistant, administrative assistant, executive assistant, and translator. 

I’m thrilled to be part of DESIGN RAVEN because I adore interior design; one of my favorite pastimes is shopping for home décor. I also love cooking - and if you ever tried my tacos, I swear you’d be addicted. My two young sons are my greatest joy.

My Happy Place

On my balcony soaking in the sunset.

Personality Trait

Unconventional is ok in my book... the quirkier the better. I insist on listening to Selena when I clean the house, and no one's gonna stop me.

Guilty Pleasure

Leaving my boys with Grandma for a few hours so I can binge me some Netflix!


Flying Raven by Suren Nersisyan

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