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KING OF SUCCULENTS: designer Antonio Cabrera

When internationally-acclaimed interior and floral designer Antonio Cabrera holds court, it's a royal treat for the senses.

Words by Melissa Molina

photos courtesy of Antonio Cabrera Home

All my succulent people out there, make some noise!

If succulents were babies, I'd want quadruplets. They're pleasantly plump, not too needy, and positively adorable; not surprisingly, no plant species is getting more attention these days. Succulents require minimal watering (they instinctively store water inside their fleshy leaves), have the ability to thrive in almost any environment indoors or out, are unique in shape and diverse in size, possess a natural resistance to pests, and come in not only varietal shades of green but also a rainbow of additional colors including pink, purple and orange. These qualities make the succulent an interior or landscape designer's dream. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything "succy" about them.

Antonio Cabrera is the one to turn to when you want to bring sublime succulent arrangements to your most discerning clientele. His exquisite floral creations have been sought after by celebrities, fashion icons, art galleries, museums, leading interior designers, and even heads of Church and State; Cabrera has been enlisted by both The White House and The Vatican for holiday celebrations and other significant occasions. His list of professional clients is definitely an international "who's who."

Cabrera is the picture of creativity, sophistication, and style.

I recently had an engaging Q&A sesh with Antonio, and here's what he had to say:

MM: Tell me about yourself and your company.

AC: I founded my company Antonio Cabrera Home Collection - where I specialize in high-end interior design, accessories and floral arrangements - over 25 years ago. During that time, I've had the pleasure of working with prestigious clients from all over the world. Every customer is very special to me, and each project and arrangement is one-of-a-kind.

MM: Why do you use succulents in many of your artful creations?

AC: A major advantage of succulents is their stiffness and durability. Also, they're available in many shapes, sizes and colors, which allows for infinite design possibilities.

MM: What are some unique ways you enhance your arrangements?

AC: I often mix succulents with other organic elements such as river stones, driftwood, and natural moss... or add eye-catching features like metallic cubes for a distinctive look.

MM: Why do you feel so many notable design professionals and clients trust you to create on their behalf?

AC: My succulent arrangements are carefully adapted to the distinct needs of any residential or commercial project. The combination of my formal interior design education, years of experience, God-given talent for this art genre, and impeccable delivery amounts to the total package that my clients desire and deserve.

MM: How would you describe your working relationship with the interior designers who enlist you, being that you are an interior designer yourself?

AC: I find it thrilling to team up with other designers and help execute their visions. Our goal is one and the same: to add life to the project and create fantasy while bringing the highest quality and most exceptional design.

MM: Do you extend special pricing to the trade?

AC: Yes, many of my pieces and succulent arrangements are offered at a discount to industry professionals.

After getting to know Antonio and view his incredible work, my takeaway - an opinion shared by the his distinguished clients listed below - is that he's majestic, regal, noble, and very unlikely to be dethroned. Long live The Succulent King!


Michelle Obama

Oscar de la Renta

Alexander (A-Rod) Rodriguez

Miss Universe Pageant Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

Carola Hinojosa & Sabrina MacLean/Hinojosa Design


Cristina & Monica Souza/Avant Design Group

David Miranda and Diana Uribe/DIDA Home

DeFortuna Family

Lowe Museum, Miami, FL

Michael Scigliano/MS2 Design Studio Pepe Calderin/Pepe Calderin Design


Mendez & Sabrina Vela/Mendez Vela Design

Rosana Fleming/Rosana Fleming Interior Design


Wade Hallock/Hallock Design Group

To learn more, visit:

Instagram: @antoniocabrerausa


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