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HOME TOUR: East meets West at Kelly Hoppen's One Park Taipei.

Two luxury residential towers in Taiwan's capital city flaunt the highly sought-after designer's modern take on Asian decor.

photos courtesy of Kelly Hoppen

portrait: Nick Haddow

I'm fult-tilt fan girling over Kelly Hoppen. And have been for quite a while now.

The first time I heard about Kelly was when I received a pitch to cover her latest commercial project - LUX* Grand Gaube, a tony tropical resort & villas in Mauritius that the design goddess herself was enlisted to totally reimagine. (I had to consult a map to find out where Mauritius was, so don't feel bad... it's an island nation floating in the Indian Ocean approximately 1,200 miles of the southeast coast of Africa.)

It was love at first sight, and I'm not talking about Kelly's cascading blonde ringlets... although, yeah, that too. But the work. The work! I make my living as a writer and yet, I was without words.

portrait: Nick Haddow

While I might have been (momentarily) tongue-tied at describing Kelly's work when I first saw it, Kelly, who knows herself well, nails it. "The words that best describe my style are harmony, balance, purity, and authenticity," she states. "I love global fusion, East and West mixed and layered in every way."

Might I add clean, chic, tonal, textured, and utterly flawless?

Kelly Hoppen is much more than an interior designer; she's an enterprise. As a sought-after product designer, Hoppen lends her incomparable style to a handful of exclusive luxury brands. She's also a TV personality in the UK and the author of nine books to date. And get this: as of this year, Hoppen is the recipient of a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) award. To be clear my friends, you don't get that just for hanging chandeliers and fluffing pillows. In this case, it was for her work in helping to promote British creativity, business, and commerce through a government campaign for which Hoppen was an ambassador.

Wow, right?

Understandably, the minute I started blogging, I reached out to Kelly's peeps to find out what she's been up to lately. Thus , I am beyond thrilled to bring you One Park Tai Pei.

lobby, North Tower

These immense twin luxury towers - conceived by acclaimed British architect Richard Rogers - rise high above Taiwan's capital city, and each has been touched by Kelly's wizarding wand from the ground up. She's also designed two exquisite VIP areas and show apartments per tower. “It was an absolute delight for me to walk on the land where the building was going to be erected," says Hoppen. "I had never been to Taipei before, but I had an instant love for the place. It was so different from anything I had seen before."

lounge area, North Tower

Kelly curated each residential tower to have its own identity, but it happened not according to a master plan, but rather, organically, resulting in the shimmering, silver-tinged North Tower, and the gleaming, golden-laced South Tower seen here. "I wanted to make each one distinct, but I design in the moment so it kind of just happened," says Hoppen.

ground floor, South Tower

lounge area, North Tower

VIP area, South Tower

VIP area, South Tower

VIP area, South Tower

VIP area, South Tower

South Tower VIP vignette

VIP area, North Tower

With her usual panache, she created stylish, sophisticated spaces that also feel warm and inviting. The finishes, furnishings, and accessories - comprised of fine materials such as wool, leather, velvet, lacquered wood, and metal - were all carefully selected by Kelly herself. At One Park Tai Pei, the gifted creator understood the need for a comforting and nourishing environment as well as stunning aesthetic, and as always, she struck the perfect balance. “It needed to be everything one dreams of in a home," says Hoppen. "One Park Taipei offers exactly that."

Click arrows in the slideshow below for a bonus tour of Kelly's show apartment at One Park Tai Pei:

To learn more about One Park Taipei, visit:

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