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OH MY GODDESS: Mary Katrantzou for The Rug Company

The Athens-born fashion designer who, year after year, takes the London Fashion Week runway by storm, lends her singular style to a rug collection that's nothing short of mythical.

product photos: courtesy of The Rug Company

fashion images: Mary Katrantzou

fashion highlights from Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 2020 collection

I first discovered Mary Katrantzou years back when I was covering London Fashion Week. Poring over image after image of runway looks from Stella McCartney, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and the other usual (fabulous) suspects, I came across Katrantzou's collection and was like... um, hello!

Blossom Dress from Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 2018 collection

As we all know, the interior design world draws much of its inspiration from the fashion world, and sometimes vice-versa... there's a major crossover between the two creative arts. So it's no surprise that The Rug Company - a leader in floor fashions that collabs on the regular with some of the world's most regarded architects, artists, interior and product designers - joined forces with Mary Katrantzou to launch a striking collection called FANTASTICAL FLORALS that bears the Athens-born, reigning Queen of Prints' signature look.

As the daughter of an interior designer mother and a textile engineer father, Katrantzou was exposed to the world of interiors from an early age. She studied textile design at Central Saint Martins, then went the fashion design route, establishing a cult-following for her artistic prints, digital craftsmanship and feminine silhouettes. If there's any question in your mind whether her designs are veritable works of art, consider that over the past decade, Katrantzou's fashions have been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and elsewhere.

Mary Katrantzou

The collection features seven uniquely vibrant rugs - each of which is unmistakably Katrantzou - that have been finely knotted by The Rug Company’s expert craftspeople in order to vividly capture even the most minute detail. The resemblance they bear to Katrantzou's imaginative, hyper-surreal frocks is no coincidence; some of the most memorable looks from her past shows were reimagined to bring this collection into being.

“We are an image-led brand and print is so transferable across different disciplines," says Katrantzou. "Being able to create context beyond my runway collections and build a lifestyle brand has always been my intention... I chose to collaborate with The Rug Company as there was an authentic synergy between the two brands - a genuine appreciation for craftsmanship and a passion for bold patterns and unique beauty."

See for yourself how these rugs will surely transform your or your client's home, just as Katrantzou has done on the London fashion scene:

SUNRAY depicts a dramatic silk sun motif, with metallic rays beginning at the center of the rug and stretching to its edges.


"Stellar" custom-woven jacquard gown embellished with hand-embroidered Zodiac symbols and encrusted with Swarovski crystals, from Mary Katrantzou's Spring/Summer 2020 collection

VALLEY is a contemporary graphic design of white florals on a black background, hand-knotted entirely in Tibetan wool.


The three blown-up floral designs from the collection; BLUEBELL DAYDREAM, GARDEN OF EDEN and BOTANICAL PARADISE take cues from Katrantzou’s SS18 "Nostalgia" collection as well as childhood paint-by-numbers sets.

one of the looks from Mary Katranzou Spring/Summer 2018, London Fashion Week

Garden of Eden

Bluebell Daydream

Botanical Paradise

FRAMIS is comprised of simple organic shapes in jewellike colors, knotted in silk onto a soft grey wool background.


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