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NATURE MADE: This jewelry is trying to tell us something. We need to listen.

Mish Tworkowski is more than a famous jewelry designer; he's a die-hard advocate of our precious planet.

photography courtesy of MISH New York

Gold and pearl drop earrings from the WOOD NYMPH collection

Try as we might, it's hard to stay positive during a pandemic. As humans on the emotional brink, we turn to the experts for information, to our friends and families for comfort, and ultimately, to our own inner voices for peace. "Things could be worse," we tell ourselves, and then alas... they are. Suffice it to say 2020 hasn't been much of a joyride thus far.

Yet, so many important lessons have come from what we're facing, and I pray the world doesn't forget when (if?) it returns to normal. In the meantime, I cling to signs of hope: smog over Los Angeles is lifting, deer are roaming freely through Yosemite National Park, leatherback turtles are living it up on the beach in Thailand, people in India can see the Himalayas from over a hundred miles away for the first time in decades, and... can you believe?! Dolphins are actually swimming in the canals of Venice. It's remarkable how fast the planet started replenishing itself when it finally got a chance to breathe.

Most likely, jewelry is the last thing on your mind right now, but stay with me for a second. Let me tell you about a friend of mine who's not just an incredibly talented designer but also an incredible man: Mish Tworkowski.

The creative force behind his eponymous NYC design studio, MISH New York, Mish Tworkowski is a darling of the fashion press and of those who adore appreciate exquisite fine jewelry. Also, he's a darling person, period. Mish's passion for his craft is surpassed only by his passion for nature and preservation.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mish when I was assigned to cover one of his new collections. He was in town for an important annual event held by The Palm Beach Preservation Foundation, one of several organizations he's actively involved with. We met for breakfast poolside at the iconic Colony Hotel on Palm Beach and the deliciousness of the avocado toast we were nibbling was outshined by Mish's bright smile and warm demeanor. Although I was already a fan of his gorgeous wearable creations, getting to know Mish proved he is every bit as lovely as the work itself. (Also, he regularly likes my Insta posts, which endears him to me that much more.)

Anyway, about the jewelry.

Well-heeled women of the world flock to MISH New York's by-appointment salon - housed in a 19th century landmark building on a charming cobblestone street in downtown NYC's historic NoHo District (translated from Manhattan-ese, that's "North of Houston Street") - to ogle and own whimsical creations crafted in 18K gold, precious and semi-precious stones, and luminous South Sea pearls. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Mish's masterful designs are a powerful representation of what matters most to him: the Earth.

Mish proudly chairs the Garden Patrons Program and sits on the board of The New York Botanical Garden. This world-class institution includes a significant horticultural education program with scientists working tirelessly on conservation, sustainable development, and the fight against habitat destruction among other important international issues. Poring through its library or wandering through its gardens is how Mish finds much of the inspiration for his jewelry.

Cases in point:


poppies, lotus flowers, water lilies and other varieties in bloom


the delicate Love-in-a-Mist flower interpreted in 18K white, rose or yellow gold set with white or brown diamond pavé


peridot revealed in a secret compartment; 18K yellow & rose gold set with diamond and diamond pavé


Twig motifs that speak for the trees


from the WOOD NYMPH collection, in 18K gold with diamond accents


18K gold with diamond accents shown with a painted agate pendant


Snowflakes inspired by an Aspen Winter storm. Maple leaves reminiscent of Autumn in Japan.

from the SNOWFLAKE collection: A diamond encrusted, oversized snowflake is affixed to ribbon, giving this necklace a decidedly downtown feel.


18K gold set with white & brown diamond and orange sapphire pavé


Scalloped seashells, starfish and coral emerge from beneath the waves


from the CABANA collection, 18K gold with diamond pavé and red coral with keshi pearl tassels

These jeweled cuffs from the WAKAYA collection were inspired by the coral reefs of Fiji.

As you can see, interpreting the earth's natural beauty into fine jewelry is one of Mish's specialties. His work reminds us that what the world needs now is love. But so do its people, which is why I'd also like to mention Mish's latest collection: Key To My Heart. "It's delicate and sweet but with a bit of edge, and I think the old-fashioned keyhole adds a little fun and mystery," says Mish. I agree. Don't you?



What a perfect way to show someone how you truly feel (especially if you've been at each other's throats during quarantine) or to reward yourself, if nothing else, for holding it together in these insane times. I'm confident that you - or any special person you choose to gift a piece of Mish's jewelry to - will be just as in love with it, and him, as I am.

For information and appointments, visit:

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