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HUMBERT & POYET x MAISON POUENAT: a Holly Hunt exclusive

Legendary French ironmaker Maison Pouenat's dream collab with Humbert & Poyet comes to America... and there's only one place you can get it!

words by Sherri Balefsky Hanson

images courtesy of Pouenat

When storied French design house Maison Pouenat partnered with celebrated Monaco-based interior design and architecture firm Humbert & Poyet to produce an exceptional home collection brimming with quality craftsmanship, superior materials, and unapologetic savoir-faire, there was only one thing missing: the perfect American dealer to carry it.

But now, it will be exclusively available in the U.S. through Holly Hunt, one of the leading design showrooms in the country.

The Metamorphosis Collection is a collaboration between legendary ironcrafter Pouenat and celebrated interior architecture firm Humbert & Poyet inspired by the art deco movement and the designs of the 1950s and ’70s. The collection of bespoke furniture, lighting, and accessories pays tribute to some of the iconic talents most admired by Humbert & Poyet, including French designer Jean Royère, Finnish designer Paavo Tynell, and Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann.

Maison Pouenat has been in the wrought-iron industry since 1880, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the company forayed into interior design and intricate metalwork. In 1995, the house was taken over by Jacques Rayet (its current president and CEO), who expanded its reach into lighting and objects, working with some of the top names in design and architecture.

left to right: Christophe Poyet, Jacques Rayet, Emil Humbert

So, it was only natural that Pouenat would eventually partner with Humbert & Poyet. The vast portfolio of projects by the design firm comprised of Emil Humbert - a DPLG architect (Graduated by the Government) who studied at the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture Paris-Belleville, and Christophe Poyet - a CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects) interior architect and graduate of Paris’s Académie Charpentier - continues to impress and astound worldwide.

the incomparable Humbert & Poyet

Holly Hunt opened her first eponymous showroom in 1983, establishing a reputation for emerging yet timeless design, exceptional quality, and outstanding service. Today, there are 14 Holly Hunt-owned trade showrooms in the U.S. and London (including two in South Florida), along with partner showrooms in other major markets across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The brand continues to design, produce, and showcase custom design pieces for the most exquisite residential and commercial spaces around the globe.

“Our collaboration with Humbert & Poyet was already an exciting one, having known each other for quite some time. So, having this collection showcased at Holly Hunt is a treasure,” says Maison Pouenat's Rayet. “We are looking forward to this collection being seen by new eyes in a new setting—and what a setting that is!”

Combining three of the world’s most highly regarded names in design, the Metamorphosis Collection certainly has all the qualities and cachet we dream about. And we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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