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HOME TOUR: a Pacific Coast Highway star

Vesta, a collective of interior design and luxury home staging experts whose work was recently featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and Netflix’s Selling Sunset, puts its own special shine on this mid-century Malibu estate.

words by Spoorthi Satheesh

photos courtesy of Vesta

Fluent in the language of home staging, and with over 15 years of experience in bringing intuitive context into empty spaces, Vesta has a reputation of bagging $10 billion in the residential real estate market. "Homebuying is a highly aspirational, emotional moment," says Vesta's president and co-founder Brett Baer. "Great design and staging casts the vision for the property. This home was unique, and the design helped explain its spaces and give them purpose."

Priced at $25.995M, the half-acre Malibu estate is luxuriously double-storied, with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms on a sandy beach frontage that is home to some of the world’s biggest magnates.

Designer Taylor Sassa took cues from the historic architecture of the house when making her selections, so most of the furnishings speak to a Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic. But also, it's a beach house... so to appropriately impart a comfy, lounge-y, "just-off-the sand" feel, Sassa chose cloud-like furnishings that are plush in nature but still have that mid-century vibe.

The muted palette, too, took direction from the ocean; Sassa worked in soft greens, greys, blues, and white. "Our objective was to bring the beauty of the outside into the space, and disperse those natural elements throughout the entire home," she says.

In addition to its abundance of historic charm, the house offers expansive views and over 100 feet of oceanfront. The main living area opens out to a large beachfront pool deck with gorgeous whitewater views.

The second floor, accessed either by stairs or elevator, features an owner's suite with arched doorways, a foyer, additional skylights, fireplace, a seating/office area, and a balcony that blends into the horizon.

Malibu's unique mix of simplicity and elegance lent itself perfectly to the warm organic feel of Vesta’s design on this project. And the team, accustomed to the arduous task of staging multi-million dollar estates, was quick to reap the benefits of the incredible locale. "We usually do a quick warmup in the warehouse prior to moving heavy pieces of furniture," says Sassa. "But for this project, we took advantage of the incredible views and did those warmups and some yoga on the beach. It was one of the most inspiring and enlightened installations we’ve done to date."

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