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CINDY STUMPO: a girl boss who dominates in "a man's world."

Preeminent Greater Boston-based luxury homebuilder, and celebrity host of iHeart Radio's 'Cindy Stumpo: Tough As Nails' discusses breaking ground - both literally and figuratively - in the construction biz.

images courtesy of C Stumpo Development

Women's History Month is topping off, but after 33 years of crushing it in the construction industry, 56-year-old builder dynamo Cindy Stumpo is far from ready to hang up her hard hat. The Massachusetts native and founder of C Stumpo Development - a distinguished construction company headquartered in Newton, MA that constructs spectacular multi-million dollar estate homes for the rich and famous in the upscale burbs of Beantown... and beyond - is steadily attaining icon status.

Indeed, Stumpo has made history by dominating in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Ironically though, making history never really crossed her mind. "When I started at 23-years-old as a builder, I didn’t go into it saying 'I’m going into a man’s world',” says Stumpo. "Fast forward 33 years and one could say I made history. But I didn’t set out to make history; I set out to build a business."

Her high-profile clients are intentionally on the down low; they're public figures looking for a little privacy regardless of the fact that the mansions C Stumpo constructs for them are without a doubt Instagram-able. Still, it's safe to say you've likely seen them heating up the ice at Boston's TD Garden (home of the Bruins), hitting it out of the park at Fenway, or gracing the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Seemingly unfazed by the prominence of her homeowners as well as her own notoriety, Cindy is as determined to stay grounded as she is to orchestrate her next masterpiece. “You’re not gonna see me in Gucci heels. I’ve been a sneakers-and-jeans girl my whole life," she says. "Put me on a jobsite in my Levis and construction boots, and it's game on."

She elaborates proudly: "My guys respect me because they know I'm not sitting in some cushy office pointing fingers. I'm out there in the field with them."

Her advice for entrepreneurs - female and male alike - is to stay humble. "There’s a saying: 'You forget where you came from, you’re gonna end up back there'," remarks Stumpo.

The multi-award-winning builder also proclaims that she treats her employees like family, and speaks to her workers as she would her two grown children, Samantha and Chad.

Dusk descends upon the front façade of one of C Stumpo's stunning contemporary homes; this one showcases a fabulous water feature.

Never faltering when it comes to speaking her mind, Cindy will gladly label a no-show contractor as "garbage." "Don’t steal people’s money. If you take someone’s money, you better go back and perform what you promised," she dictates. "Don't be a fraud."

While it might have been a byproduct of her career goals, Cindy's ambition has led to tremendous accomplishments. And now, thousands of guys are depending on this gal for their livelihoods. "Just think how many people earn their living off of one 10,000-square-foot single-family home I build," she remarks. "If hundreds of people are making a living off one home, and I’m doing that 10-12 times a year, we’re in the thousands... and that makes me responsible for putting food on a lot of people’s tables."

Behind wrought iron gates, a gorgeous traditional home by C Stumpo exudes an elegant, understated glamour.

The former T.V. personality was portrayed as being "tough as nails" on the HGTV show of that title in which she starred; however, on her current weekly iHeart Radio podcast, Cindy Stumpo takes fans from "building a home" to "building a life"... something the host has also achieved in the face of severe personal challenges including losing a sibling and suffering crippling panic attacks, which she speaks about openly. (U go girlfriend!) While on air, Cindy regularly reveals the kindhearted, empathetic, loving woman and mother beneath her famously iron-clad persona.

33-year-old Samantha Stumpo has some mighty big construction boots to fill... but proud Mom Cindy says she's already "killing it."

With the discipline and dexterity of an Olympic athlete and a work ethic that's off the charts, über-successful residential contractor Cindy Stumpo has paved the way for future generations of women - including but not limited to her daughter/protégée Samantha Stumpo, who recently obtained her general contractor's license and according to Mom is already "100% killing it" - to never let gender stand in the way of their dreams.

Cindy Stumpo has been the recipient of several Builder of the Year awards and was selected as Woman of the Year by Magic 106.7 FM in Boston. Her firm has been named one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts by The Boston Globe.

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